One To One & Private Fitness

Focus on your needs and goals to fit your schedule

Want to get fit?

      Want to do it at a time to suit you?

            Want your fitness session to address your personal needs?

                  Prefer privacy in a pleasant, welcoming environment?

 Then come along  to the Home Studio for One To One sessions!!!


What's on offer?????

Pilates - great for Core Strengthening, Spinal Mobility, Flexibility, Back Strengthening - often recommended by physiotherapists to complement their therapies

IMoveFreely - MSAC biomechanics, release techniques to solve those niggly movement and alignment issues

FitBall - Core Conditioning plus a bit of everything else!!!

Flexibility & Stretch - de-stress those muscles, take away that tension!

Myofascial Release - learn to massage away muscle tension using foam rollers

Bootcamp - get fitter faster, drop inches, melt away fat

Body Conditioning & Strengthening - sculpt and shape the body you want

Resistance Training - using bands and bodyweight to strengthen and condition

Core Training - using a mix of Pilates, Ball, Balance this specifically targets core muscles to build a stronger inner unit





 ** Sessions at times that fit in with your busy schedule - not at set times

** Focus on your specific needs and goals

** Be encouraged, motivated and inspired

It's your body - It's your call

 To discuss YOUR requirements Contact me